Land Rover Defender VR launch experience

24 September 2019
Land Rover Defender VR launch experience

We recently launched the new Defender VR experience with Land Rover at the Frankfurt Motor Show, featuring global adventurer, Bear Grylls.

The adrenaline-fuelled virtual reality experience we created opened at the Frankfurt Motor Show to mark the launch of the new Land Rover Defender. It enables visitors to travel to the far reaches of the globe and train as an aerial photographer on Land Rover’s ‘Special Operations’ media team, where they compete with other users to capture the perfect photo of the most capable SUV in action as it navigates testing terrain.

After an engaging, immersive, and information-packed queueing experience, the audience is placed on a helipad where they are set a mission by Bear Grylls inviting them to test their photography skills while travelling at speed alongside the Defender in a helicopter. The aerial view demonstrates the vehicle’s transformational capability and advanced all-terrain technology.

Visitors’ photography skills are then scored against pre-defined criteria, including whether the car has been kept in the centre of the frame, and if they took the perfect shot in the allotted time. After the experience, visitors can share their mission across all social channels.

Land Rover Defender VR launch experience

The experience uses Oculus headsets powered by gaming engine Unreal, all synced to 4D elements, including a motion platform to totally immerse the user.

Gary Knight, Global Auto Shows General Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Given this is a new Land Rover Defender for a new generation, we wanted to find a cutting edge, tech-enabled way for visitors to witness its capabilities up close. This high-velocity helicopter VR experience Imagination has created with us is the perfect way to both learn about the vehicle and witness the incredible technology and innovation that’s gone into its design.”

Land Rover Defender VR launch experience

Bear Grylls, Global Adventurer, said: “Land Rover have been beside me in so many of our toughest adventures and this VR experience allows people to get a real sense of what it’s like on an expedition where everything is on the line.”

Ross Wheeler, Global Business and Creative Director at Imagination, said: “What better way to experience one of the world’s most recognisable cars than by creating an experience which involves capturing the best images of it while also showcasing it’s amazing capabilities. We’re confident everyone who tries this experience will be wowed by it – and by Land Rover’s spectacular new vehicle.”

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