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The Power of Fandom Research Report

29 November 2023

Leveraging experiences for authentic fan engagement

Any sports fan will tell you that there’s something about experiencing live sport that quickens the pulse and sharpens the senses. Being a fan means being part of something bigger than yourself: being invested in history and hope; dedicating time, energy and yes, cash, in pursuit of those moments of pure joy and togetherness that truly move people and live long in the mind.

At Imagination, we now understand the true power of using brand experiences to harness fandom and the positive impact this can have on ROI. Through our work with major brands, major leagues and major sports events, we’ve consistently felt there was something special about marketing to sports fans - from the depth of engagement to the breadth of shared memories and stories beyond - but we’ve not quantified it and defined what that means for brands.

Until now…

To unravel the passion of sports enthusiasts, we conducted an exclusive survey of 2,000 fans from both the UK and the US. We wanted to delve into their thoughts on the increasing commercialisation of sports, and the evolving role of sponsors in their favourite games and understand how brands can harness and genuinely engage the fandom through innovative activations and experiences.

The findings from our research shine a light on the unique opportunities for brands. And these were explored in our digital event with a panel of experts from Adidas, PepsiCo and behavioural Scientist, Patrick Fagan.

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities for your brand, the report or access to the digital event please email