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Showcasing Modern Luxury with the New Range Rover Sport SV

20 December 2023

In partnership with Range Rover we unveiled Range Rover House, a world-first and exclusive 1:1 VIP purchasing experience to launch the all-new Range Rover Sport SV. The campaign was designed to emulate the modern luxury positioning of JLR House of Brands and showcase the Range Rover Sport SV as the new pinnacle of design, technology and performance.


Strategically aligned with JLR’s vision to be Proud Creators of Modern Luxury, part of the automotive brand's Reimagine strategy, which emphasises a sustainability-rich and design-focused approach to luxury.

VIP clients were invited to view and purchase the newest luxury SUV in exclusive private residences strategically located across seven global destinations: the UK, Europe, Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai, and Japan. At these Range Rover House locations, clients were immersed in a multisensory journey of discovery that brought the Range Rover’s modern luxury ethos to life.

The Imagination-designed experience was meticulously crafted to encapsulate JLR's philosophy and immerse clients in the Range Rover lifestyle. With a focus on Exclusivity Seekers and High Performers, the campaign married physical and virtual appointments to ensure a deeper global reach and impact. The immersive event allowed each customer a close-up, personalised experience, whether through a virtual consultation or an in-person encounter.

Imagination's Range Rover House concept underscored Range Rover’s brand values of scarcity, exclusivity, and modern luxury, all while providing customers with the ultimate immersive brand experience.

From the design details to the customer journey, Range Rover House not only introduced the new Range Rover Sport SV to the world but also set a new benchmark for experiential luxury. Imagination's unparalleled ability to conceptualise and execute future-forward campaigns solidifies its position as an industry leader in the realm of experiential marketing.

“We’re proud to have played an instrumental role in bringing Range Rover’s modern luxury vision to life. Our partnership has redefined the landscape of automotive experiences and heralded a new era of Modern Luxury, and we look forward to continuing to elevate this space together with JLR,” Rosalind Green, Client Services Director at Imagination.