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Harley-Davidson: A new generation of riders

19 July 2023

We partnered with Harley-Davidson, the renowned motorcycle brand, to launch the all new Harley-Davidson X™ 350, the inaugural bike from the Harley-Davidson X family in China. Creating a fully integrated campaign aimed at raising awareness, engaging the target audience, and establishing the Harley-Davidson X™ as an aspirational choice for the next generation of riders.

Understanding the market landscape and the brand's unique identity, we focused the campaign on positioning the Harley-Davidson X™ 350 as a lifestyle model, recognising that there was an untapped opportunity to connect with the audience on a deeper level, emphasising the joy and adventure that riding brings. By presenting the Harley-Davidson X™ 350 as the motorcycle for individuals who embrace fun and adventure as part of their lifestyle, we aimed the campaign to appeal not only to existing riders but also to new riders and future enthusiasts.

Taking into consideration the changing dynamics of influencer marketing, we shifted the approach from mass fan base Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to content creators who could authentically enhance the brand's reliability and effectively reach the intended audience. By enlisting the help of carefully selected content creators who are interested in riding, the campaign ensured that the key messages resonated with the targeted audience. These creators, in turn, collaborated with riding KOLs to participate in a campaign photoshoot, providing them with an opportunity to learn more about motorcycles and bike culture.

In collaboration with a director passionate about street-style documentaries, reflecting the vibrancy of China's young culture, we created a series of four lifestyle documentaries and a highlight "master video." Released weekly post-launch across multiple channels, these videos empowered the brand's image and resonated with a wider audience. By showcasing the stories and experiences of riders, the documentaries positioned the Harley-Davidson X™ as a vehicle for personal expression, freedom, and creativity, aligning with the brand's commitment to youth culture.

The launch included a press conference held at Thousand Island Lake, attended by over 100 guests. Attendees were then given the opportunity to engage directly with the new Harley-Davidson X™ models through test drives, allowing them to witness the bike's capabilities firsthand. An after-party added a sense of celebration, contributing to the overall experience and generating excitement around the brand's latest offering.

With this innovative approach, Harley-Davidson has firmly established itself as a desirable choice for the next generation of riders, while remaining true to its iconic brand heritage.