Australian War Memorial

The spirit of Anzac centenary

A truly immersive commemoration of a Century of Service, from the First World War to present day, with Australian War Memorial, the Defence Forces and The Australian Government.

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A story touching every Australian

We helped people understand the Century of Service story by showcasing the boarder story, then sharing memories of how it touched individual communities and how it affected every Australian’s history.

visitors across 23 locations
2 years
touring Australia
of exhibition space
unreservedly positive feedback
Involving every visitor

We created the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience, a 2-year travelling exhibition shaped in part by its visitors. It showcased the stories of Australia’s military experiences in the First World War, right up to present day, in an immersive, and highly memorable way. Recreated environments, over 200 military artefacts, digital effects, films and an audio guide brought the sacrifice and heroism of a hundred years of Australian service men and women to vivid, unforgettable life.

To enhance personal resonance, we also curated a unique new ‘Local Stories’ showcase for each of the 23 communities the exhibition visited, featuring artefacts and stories from their region. Visitors could record and leave behind their own remembrance messages, as well as take away memories that moved them in virtual story briefcase.

//"Bringing a century of sacrifice and heroism to life"

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