Planet you

Using digital and physical gameplay, Shell empowered people to imagine a better future, and create their own world.

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Bringing a better tomorrow to life

As part of their Energy Lab exhibition, Shell wanted to help school children and families think about how to make sure there would be enough food, water and energy for another two billion people by 2050. We believed the best way for visitors to get to grips with the future would be to create their own version of it to compare with others and spark conversation.

Shell Planet You Car
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Build your own world of the future

We developed a kiosk application which asked visitors 10 questions across 10 separate physical installations. Their answers would act as the data source for a dynamically generated planet, each one unique to the visitor, which was then sent to a fourteen metre screen that let visitors admire their own worlds, compare them with everyone else’s. They could also see how they matched up against a single, central, crowd-sourced Earth that brought everyone’s opinions together.

Shell Planet You
Shell Planet You Person
Shell Planet You World

//"Creating new worlds in real time"

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