Mobile World Congress Official Gala

Every year Huawei celebrates, entertains and builds networks with its top clients and partners at their gala event as part of the Mobile World Congress. The theme for their 2018 gala was ‘Never Stop Dreaming’.

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A fresh concept

The size of event had grown more than five times in comparison with the first year’s event. However the VIP clients, senior partners and executives Huawei had invited each year remained mostly unchanged meaning many of the attendees would have seen the event four times in the same number of years. We needed to create another meaningful and unforgettable evening to inspire Huawei’s key audiences once again.

Huawei Mobile World Congress Gala Dinner 2018
years of Huawei's official gala at the Mobile World Congress
approx. number of guests for one evening event
international performers
square meters dinner space
Never Stop Dreaming

Having supported this gala event since 2014, we had a deep understanding of the challenge, the background of guests and Huawei business, we successfully created and designed the event under the theme - ‘Never Stop Dreaming’. Different from the past years’ events which is all about purely entertaining, Imagination created a storyline throughout the evening by adapting different world-class entertainments and touch moments in order to inspire the audience. It’s the first of time for Huawei to tell a story through this event and it went really well, audiences are not only touched or inspired, but also impressed.

Huawei Mobile World Congress Gala Dinner 2018
Huawei Mobile World Congress Gala Dinner 2018
Huawei Mobile World Congress Gala Dinner 2018