International Series

Imagination has worked with the National Football League since 2010 to recreate the feeling of an American Football stadium in London.

NFL International Series
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Far more than just a game

After seven years helping the NFL bring the grandeur of American Football to the UK, the 2017 International Series presented a whole new challenge as the series expanded to four games across two stadiums in London.

We needed to communicate a consistent and engaging NFL story across both stadiums, distinguish the character of each team, and hero the all-important ‘home team’. To do this, we were inspired by the fact that the NFL is ‘More Than A Game’. It is a moment of intense connection between players, teams and fans. This was further underscored by the 10th anniversary of the NFL’s presence in the UK.

International Series
people attended the 2017 games in London
all four games were a sellout
increase in American Football
participation in the UK
of messaging (roughly 1.5 NYC blocks)
Building the football legend

Our campaign celebrated the 10 year anniversary of NFL in the UK through the intense passion, excitement, fun and unique entertainment spectacle that exists only in the NFL. As fans arrived at each stadium, we surrounded them with visuals combining bold player imagery, team colors and slogan, stadium lights and pyrotechnics. 

They told a consistent and engaging NFL story, saluted each game’s home team and brought their opponents to dynamic, powerful life. That helped share the NFL brand in the UK with new fans while building excitement and anticipation among those who already love the game.  

NFL 2017 London Games stadium

//“The London series remains a growing, successful enterprise that isn't going away” - ESPN

//“What started out as a curiosity has become a fixed point on the UK’s sporting landscape” - The Guardian

NFL 2017 London Games
NFL 2017 London Games
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