Innovation Center Program

A new interactive space and cross-business GE facility promoting collaboration in an open environment.

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An intersection of ideas

How do you foster collaboration within expert spheres? GE asked us to explore the possibilities of precisely that. Our teams were immediately inspired to develop an intersection where technology platforms could collide with the world's best minds beyond company lines. Collaborating with GE we set out to identify solutions that would expand access to technology and innovation from specialist labs and companies.

GE Innovation Center Program
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year partnership with GE
Open Collaboration

Infusing innovative concepts with GE's scale and expertise we developed the Open Innovation program. The GE Innovation Center Program is an interactive space where diverse ideas and people are encouraged, nurtured and connected to the wider innovation ecosystem across the country. This cross-business GE facility is focused on action and customer outcomes, in an engaging, open environment.

GE Innovation Center Program
GE Innovation Center Program
GE Innovation Center Program

//"If you conceive these spaces as part of your company culture you can welcome humans into a real process of innovation, whilst using cutting edge technology to inspire, educate and help your teams drive the business forward." - Sam McMorran, Group Creative Director Imagination China

GE Innovation Center Program
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