Go Faster

Ford found itself as a brand that was well-known, but not well-loved. So we launched Go Faster - a new immersive experience where YOU are the star.

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How do you go from being well known to well loved? 

Ford needed to find a better way of making meaningful connections with its target audience. We created an immersive driving experience inspired by Hollywood that invited members of the public to take part in their own trailer for the imaginary film ‘Go Faster’ and learn a getaway driver. Over a period of four hours guests were immersed in the film’s story of Remie Casino and his double-crossing best mate, and learnt how to complete a number of stunts to ensure they could play the role of getaway driver. 

Ford Go Faster
increase in brand favourability
2.4 billion
media impressions
83 million
reach through user generated content
articles published
The customer is the hero

To round off the experience guests are given a copy of the trailer to share with friends as well as a copy of the ‘film poster’ starring them. The experience took place in London, Manchester, Paris and Madrid it required 10 cars and a massive set, so in order to get the most mileage out of the experience it was scaled back to work at smaller auto shows and events. The scaled back version did away with cars, and instead visitors were placed in a jump seat in front of a green screen and filmed in a similar getaway scene. They were still able to get a slice of the action and take home a personalised souvenir that could be socially shared. This organic reach amongst peer-to-peer networks is really what drove the success of the project. 

//“Steve McQueen would have done dangerous things to be in Go Faster” - Shortlist

Ford Go Faster
Ford Go Faster
Ford Go Faster

//“VERY cool” - GQ

Ford Go Faster

//"An amazing experience" - Daily Express

Ford Go Faster
Ford Go Faster
Ford Go Faster
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