Go Faster

Ford found itself as brand that was well-known, but not well-loved. So we launched Go Faster - a new immersive experience where YOU are the star.

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Ever Dreamed of Being a Movie Stunt Driver?

Ford needed to find a better way to cut through and make a connection with their target audience. We knew they are ‘doers’ - people not interested in status or ‘things’ who instead like to improve themselves and those around them. And we knew Ford was a brand who enables people and their passions, with products that are fun yet attainable.

So we had to do more than latching onto buzzwords or trends, a genuine connection needed to be created by making the consumer the protagonist in something they could experience for themselves.

increase in brand favorability
media impressions
reach through user generated content
articles published

//“Steve McQueen would have done dangerous things to be in Go Faster.” Shortlist

//“VERY cool” GQ

//"An amazing experience" Daily Express

Next project City of Stockholm


An answer to empty stadium complexes worldwide, beginning at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.