Formula E Social VR Experience

Jaguar electrify their brand as they return to racing using first of its kind, Formula E inspired, social VR experience.

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Jaguar Electrify

Jaguar’s decision to return to racing came with both a confident new creative positioning, Jaguar Electrifies, and a new championship partner, Formula E. Their challenge was to utilise high profile opportunities at the Paris Autoshow to bring Jaguar Electrifies to life, in the most exhilarating and tech-forward way. The result? The creation of a first of its kind, Formula E inspired, social VR experience.

Formula E Social VR Experience


Creating first of its kind experience

Blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds, steering wheels, rumble packs and air fans were used alongside the HTC Vive headset, allowing guests to feel the road and rush of wind in their face.

Personal racing avatars were created to encourage people to post their own helmets up on social media, promote their scores and share the exhilarating teaser film. 

Electrifying results were achieved as the experience hosted 6,500 guests in 16 days with an overall guest satisfaction rate of 98%. The content sparked an 11% Click Through Rate to Jaguar-owned channels post the experience, and resulted in 31% of the share of voice at the Autoshow for VR belonging to Jaguar.

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