Jaguar Land Rover

E-PACE VR Launch

Jaguar took a leap of faith introducing the new E-PACE with an unbelievable act in both in virtual reality and reality at the Global Launch.

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Introducing the New Player

The challenge lay in introducing the new Jaguar ‘baby’ SUV to the world, ensuring it would live up to the brand’s philosophy ‘Art of Performance’, while continuing to keep Jaguar at the forefront of technology advances.

Jaguar asked for a Global Launch experience that would have far reaching impact and a truly innovative demonstration of the products agility and performance, following on the from the recent impact of the launch of the F-PACE and concept I-PACE.

Jaguar E-PACE Launch VR Experience
2.5 million
views of the product reveal film across social channels
60 million
reached at launch through social and press
articles featuring E-PACE reveal content
VIPs and consumers taking the VR experience during launch event