Customer innovation centre

The average person comes into contact with 17 3M products every day without realising who produced them. We set out to change that.

3M customer innovation centre
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A fresh solution for every new problem

With its myriad of consumer products, 3M prides itself on solving problems for customers. They asked us to create a space that would show off its innovative track record and stimulate even more inventive new solutions.

Every single problem that 3M solves is unique, so each one needs a unique solution. So how could we create an innovation space that could reinvent itself for every single visitor, whilst still conveying the universal innovation process that 3M utilises.

3M customer innovation centre
visitors in first six months
2.5 million
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The place where innovation lives

The customer innovation centre positions 3M as the innovation company, with an in-depth understanding of organisations, customers and global trends. 3M’s latest innovations and connecting technologies are brought to life through digital content, product and technology demos, environmental graphics and user experience.

All digital content is future-proofed with the flexibility to make alterations and additions as the technologies and industries evolve. 3M hosts lead clients and other guests through the centre and can customise the experience for each new visitor, exploring solutions directly tailored to their individual needs.

3M customer innovation centre
3M customer innovation centre
3M customer innovation centre

//“The centre will help get young people interested in the process of inventing” - Professor Brian Cox

3M customer innovation centre
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