Transforming a stadium into a daily destination

City of Stockholm

Tolv - Make the Most of your Time

Our new approach to urban infrastructure at the Tolv Tele2 Arena in Stockholm creates a different type of stadium destination.

Venue of the Year 2014 Stadium Business Awards

The answer to empty stadium complexes worldwide

Tolv, like many stadiums, found that although it was busy whenever it hosted blockbuster events once or twice a week, it was empty the rest of the time and therefore not bringing in any revenue. We found a profitable solution to this problem, turning the unused space underneath the arena into an entertainment hub.

A flexible strategy

Available 12 hours a day, 12 months a year, Tolv is both a destination and a frame of mind, unchained from the irregular rhythms of the sports/music calendar. We created a buzzing hub that’s formed from a series of meaningful branded surprises to showcase Stockholm’s sport, music and culture, as well as a restaurant and bar.

A time-based entertainment concept

Our branding strategy had to be versatile, appealing to young families, suburbanites and sports fans. What unites all of these groups is that their time is precious. In their busy, urban lives, they want meaningful experiences that create lasting memories.

A new identity

This concept is echoed in the new logo which features a reversible black and white clock graphic representing night and day, with the 'o' of Tolv echoing a clock dial, pointing to 12. It encourages people to make the most of their time.


Value for the audience

Locals and tourists alike now have a new leisure space and enhanced experience when heading to the Tele2 arena. It has revitalised the space for a range of people, from families to professionals.

Tolv heralds new-thinking in enhancing both the matchday and non-matchday experience.

Stadium Business Awards

Value for the brand

We have found a way to make Tolv profitable whatever the time of year or day, this is a true achievement for a stadium which previously relied on one-off events.

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