Bollinger Motors

Bollinger B1 media briefing

One man's passion and the debut of the world’s first all-electric, on-and-off-road sport utility truck (SUT).

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Trailblazing the automotive experience

Bollinger Motors is a burgeoning brand with a promising influence on the largest global consumer market – automotive. Bollinger Motors was conceived when Robert Bollinger pursued his childhood dream. Following an accomplished career, he returned to his degree in Industrial Design to spearhead a revolution in the industry. His team of six were ready to reveal the brand with its inaugural, all-electric sport utility truck: the Bollinger B1. 

Bollinger B1 Reveal by Imagination
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organic Facebook reach on day one
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Showcasing the B1

We created an experience that truly brought to life the entrepreneurial spirit of Robert and the Bollinger brand. Creating a series of storytelling assets and content to introduce the brand to the world, secure its position within the industry and build anticipation for the launch. On July 27, 2017 the Bollinger Motors brand and Bollinger B1 made its global debut at the renowned Classic Car Club in New York City. Our focus was to communicate the key features and inner workings that make the all-electric sport utility truck unique via range animations and scale models. In anticipation of the reveal, we developed a digital experience that incorporated an integral pre-order functionality for the B1.

Bollinger B1 Reveal
Bollinger B1 Reveal
Bollinger B1 Reveal

//"I was blown away by the entire experience, all of the magic happening inside and everything I know was going on behind the scenes. Every step of the process, from beginning to end of this very personal time was handled with incredible kindness, understanding and professionalism." - Robert Bollinger

Bollinger B1 Reveal
Bollinger B1 Reveal