A multi-city gallery exhibit, guided presentation and social experience, designed to showcase the “60 hands” involved in Patrón’s handmade production process.

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A story of perfection

Patrón Tequila wanted to reaffirm to the trade its market leader position in distribution, brand value and overall quality in key markets across the US.

Patrón Aficionados
influencers attended
of visitors had an improved perception of Patron
new products launched
new cocktails created
Educating, mentoring, socialising

We created the exclusive Patrón Aficionados program, which hosted mixologists, store owners and bartenders across the US and educated them on Patrón’s artisanal production process. The program told the story of this ultra-premium tequila and showcased that while it is mass distributed, it is not mass made.

Patrón Aficionados
Patrón Aficionados
Patrón Aficionados

//"It takes sixty hands to make one bottle of the world’s finest ultra premium tequila" - Ed Brown, Chief Executive Officer

Patrón Aficionados