Welcome to the world of virtual events

9 March 2020

COVID-19 has created extraordinary changes for individuals, societies and economies. As the world battles to contain the virus, we are all confronting the challenges of living, working and sustaining ourselves in isolation.
For businesses, this has created the immediate challenge of how to keep operating and supporting employees, as well as the broader economy, by meeting, engaging and serving customers who now have very different needs and constraints.

Creating a virtual event 

Although the delivery of events has changed, experience design has not. Whether virtual, hybrid or physical, we must design for the simple, unchanging truths that underpin human behaviour: the desire for stories that resonate, experienced in an engaging way, that create action. 
Technology will, of course, play a role in this as an enabler to the story. And while there are plenty of technology platforms that promise everything from live streams to virtual worlds, we believe that simply replicating a live experience on an online platform will not suffice. The experience needs to be reimagined in a way that is relevant for the audience and the story. 

Our process 

For over 50 years, we have helped our clients successfully adapt to changes with creativity and innovative thinking, creating experiences that change how people feel, think and act.
Our creative and delivery process is designed to help our clients navigate this new world, identify the most important customer insights and the greatest opportunities to create value, as well as the creative and technical tools that can deliver it.

While every challenge is different, we have identified some immediate approaches to help businesses keep moving...

1. How might I enable customers to experience my product virtually?
The most powerful communication tool you have to earn your audience's attention is in the craft of your storytelling. With a great story as a foundation, technology is a brilliant enabler to engage and reach the masses. Great stories told well can be brought to life on multi-user virtual platforms that enable connection, co-creation and two-way dialogue.
2. How might I deliver news in an engaging, memorable way?
Take inspiration from TV news segments. Think about more bite-sized chapters that keep your audience engaged and then get creative by considering solutions such as real-time virtual production studio, complete with an interactive and immersive platform that delivers content to multiple mediums.
3. How might I ensure my brand remains relevant and meaningful despite the lockdown?
Great brands live up to their values, start by identifying which of your brand's values you can put to work in a meaningful way to help your customers and society as a whole. 
No matter where you are, or the specifics of your challenge, we’re ready as a partner, to act pragmatically and develop actionable solutions for your business and brand during these unprecedented times.
Please get in touch with your local contact to learn more about virtual events.   

Anthony Hickson, Americas - anthony.hickson@imagination.com

Heath Campanaro, Australia - heath.campanaro@imagination.com

Julian Dupuis, China - julien.dupuis@imagination.com

Simon Beddoe, EMEA - simon.beddoe@imagination.com

A recent virtual event - Anzac Day 2020 

This April, we brought people together virtually to raise the spirits of Australia with a commemoration of all those who have served Australia, in partnership with the Australian War Memorial (AWM), Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Over 40 pieces of emotive content and digital activations were shared across social media and the Australian War Memorial’s website in the lead up to and on Anzac Day – allowing Australians to honour the fallen by standing in solidarity in the safety of their own homes. 

A virtual launch event for Jaguar Land Rover 

We created a first of its kind virtual experience for the launch of the new Jaguar Land Rover I-PACE car