Plant Pop

3 August 2018

Plant Pop! was pitched to the business by two employees who asked for support from Imagination to help achieve their creative vision.

“Plant Pop! is an interactive “plant-based” experience designed to be tactile and shareable. We invite our guests to let their imagination run wild as they explore our plant-powered playground! They can expect to find a ginormous suspended cherry, a watermelon seesaw, and other mad and wonderful creations to interact with.” Co-Founders of Plant Pop

On the 3rd August 2018, Plant Pop launched their immersive plant-based exhibition held at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, as part of the V-for Festival in London.

The pop-up exhibition consisted of different spaces, such as an avocado room, designed specifically to create shareable moments for their guests with the focus on the celebration of plant-life. The stunning designs created the perfect social media opportunity, providing guests with endless fun.

Plant Pop