A Pioneering Spirit for Old Forester

A Pioneering Spirit for Old Forester
21 January 2019

Inspired by Old Forester’s unique position as the first bottled bourbon and only bourbon to be continuously sold before, during and after prohibition, we are humbled to have been asked to help design its new home.

Brown-Forman wanted to develop a distillery experience for Old Forester that complements its tremendous place in bourbon history and establishes the brand as a cornerstone of the Urban Bourbon experience on Louisville’s Whiskey Row.

To celebrate the triumphant return of this whisky back to whiskey row we designed a full-functioning distillery and visitor centre capable of producing Old Forester’s total current output. Located in two historic buildings which served as Brown-Forman’s original offices on Main Street, Louisville. In an industry first it incorporates fermentation, distillation, a cooperage, rick house, and bottling line in a single facility.

“You have to see it to believe it.” 
– Paul Varga, CEO Brown-Forman

We’re so pleased to announce that our experience for the Old Forester has been voted Top 10 Best New Attraction of the year by USA Today. Congratulations to everyone involved!