The New Game-changers: Brands Winning at Esports

10 April 2019

In April’s issue of Campaign, Rory Byrne, Business Director of the Immersive Studio was featured in an article focusing on e-gaming and experiential. 

Discussing what brands/sectors are leading the way with e-gaming and experiential and why? The challenges faced when using e-gaming and experiential together and where the future may take this.

In the article, Rory discusses that while there is no shortage of brands sponsoring esports events, the experiential side remains a challenging space to play in. "The draw of gaming is often the experience of interacting with a game’s unique environment and feeling that it is unique to the player," he says. "However, brands enter the sector with a different motive. Their focus is not necessarily player experience and intrigue, but ultimately to create a desire in their product, and it has potential negative effects if the brand is unwilling to compromise to an extent."

Read the full article from Campaign Magazine here.

The New Game-changers: Brands Winning at Esports