Imagination Launches Lume

9 November 2018

Working in collaboration with The Lee Lab at the University of Cambridge. Lume is an innovative virtual reality (VR) platform for analysts to better visualize, discover, explore and share their data. Bringing scientific data to life.

Lume leverages the power of immersion and data analytics to make highly complex data intuitive to understand, patterns easier to recognise and insights more compelling to present and share with everyone.

Lume transforms data, bridging the gap between data science and data consumption – by including human-centred elements to data exploration and presentation. This technology can help researchers and analysts uncover and publish new insights from their data across different industries, as data is becoming increasingly hard to digest and articulate to different audiences.  

Initially designed to solve a visualization problem, during the first user testing session at Cambridge University, it became apparent that Lume was providing a whole new perspective. Scientists could see patterns they had not seen before when using traditional 2D interfaces.

Lume is now being used as a data exploration and presentation tool, helping The Lee Lab find and share insights from their super-resolution microscopy data, which in turn is helping them better predict the onset of Arthritis and Type 1 Diabetes.

Imagination Launches Lume