Imagination to debut at Cannes Lions 2017

16 June 2017

Imagination are set to take the stage on 20 June at the Cannes Lions 2017 festival. With plenty of surprises in store, Imagineers and partners from HTC VIVE and Hammerhead VR invite all those attending to take a step into the unknown.

How big, wide and deep would you rate your creative thinking? Is your imagination your greatest asset or could it be your greatest challenge? Consider this; as the 4th industrial revolution is taking hold, a new immersive world is dawning. Driven by technology, soon there will be no restriction to the experiences we will enjoy. But is our creative industry ready to ‘make’ for this new reality? Presenting a live experiment of mixed realities, join us to challenge the limits of your imagination. Experience the impossible to reimagine the possible. What will become your new reality?

Experience the Impossible: Welcome to the World of Pure Imagination will take place on the Inspiration Stage, 3pm at the Cannes Lions Festival on 20 June.

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Imagination to debut at Cannes Lions 2017