Imagination Captivate the Media with Groundbreaking Ford Experiences in Detroit

21 January 2019

With 2019 barely in its 3rd week, our Imagineers pulled off two spectacular immersive experiences for our Ford clients. The first involved the momentous all new Ford Explorer reveal at Ford Field and the second a powerful launch for the hybrid and ST versions of the Explorer and the iconic Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 at the Ford Press day, NAIAS Detroit. 

For the Ford Explorer launch our team envisioned the concept ‘Explore our America’ based around the insight that the nation took merely half of their entitled annual leave. Armed with a strong desire to invigorate and re-inspire Americans to get out and start exploring the vastness the country has to offer our team developed the theme that would position the Ford Explorer as the perfect companion to accompany this reinvigorated sense of exploration. We transformed Ford Field stadium using complex 360 projection mapping, creating a breathtaking backdrop for the Ford Explorer as it drove across quintessential landscapes in real time. The end result was a fully immersive experience that dramatically tapped into real cultural moments and powerfully resonated amongst the 3000 strong guestlist.

Continuing this distinctive set of immersive experiences we created the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 launch at NAIAS as part of the much anticipated Ford Press day. After a stunning film introduction to the 2020 Explorer ST and Hybrid we introduced the Shelby via a visually spectacular gaming concept and unique VR experience. The GT500 was revealed to 700 seated journalists with over 400 attendees packed outside in a dramatic scene that simultaneously saw the arrival of the legendary vehicle from mid air and fully immersed the audience into the experience in real time.

The overwhelming response so far has made for an extraordinary start of the year for Team Imagination across the globe. Huge congratulations to everyone involved and thank you to our outstanding partners at Ford!

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Imagination Captivate the Media with Ford Experiences in Detroit