Imagination Australia and Jaguar Land Rover's epic off-road experience

30 May 2019

Imagination Australia is proud to have worked with Jaguar Land Rover to launch the highly anticipated new Range Rover Evoque in Australia. Curated to celebrate Sydney’s unique urban culture — a city defined by the bustle of the CBD alongside the pristine harbour and beaches — the team have developed an exhilarating urban off-road drive along the cliffs of Bondi.

Dynamic Drive

Taking in the iconic backdrops of Bondi Beach and Sydney’s CBD, this spectacular driving experience will highlight the versatility and capability of the new luxury compact SUV. The Dynamic Drive track offers an extreme experience featuring traditional inclines, dips and downhill descents to showcase the Evoque’s ClearSight Ground View and other technology-rich features. 

From May 31st - June 2nd at the Campbell Parade forecourt in Bondi Beach, customers will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the new Range Rover Evoque and experience first-hand its contemporary design, state of the art technology and environmental innovation. The track also features a bespoke mural by international street artist Shannon Crees that captures the energy and colour of the Evoque brand creatively mixed with the Bondi beach lifestyle.

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Range Rover Evoque