The Great Ford Escape

3 April 2019

To celebrate the ingenuity of the All-New Ford Escape, Imagination Detroit created a new pop up town aptly named Escapeville.  The launch brought to life new product features with a twist on everyday life.

Greenfield village was chosen as the backdrop for the experience.  Originally curated by Henry Ford to celebrate American innovation, the village is home to the Wright Brothers Bicycle shop (where they figured out aerodynamics and built the first ever plane), the original Heinz's home where ketchup was created, Henry Ford’s very first Head Quarters and Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park where the first light bulb was invented, and where he and Henry created the world’s first electric vehicle.

Historical aspects of the village were seamlessly integrated into the experience and mixed with new buildings with clever word plays - everything from the 5 Seasons Hotel (talking about the Escape’s 5 drive modes), Co-Pilates 360 (acknowledging Ford CoPilot360™ suite of driver assist technologies), a Heads Up Hair Salon with the new stylist ‘Alexa Waze’, and even Escape the Grind coffee bar where visitors could Instagram the moment with hot beverages including the day’s special Escapuccino.

We involved over 60 incredible performers, 10 musicians, an original soundtrack, an audience on wheels being taken down Main street, a props & wardrobe department like none other, 6 bikes, 5 Spin scooters, 1 dog and importantly 4 Escapes to complete the one of a kind experience. The new Ford Escape was revealed to key media, influencers, dealers, and more than 1200 employees as a live commercial, as our audience seating block was driven down Main Street.

A Girl’s Guide to Cars wrote online: ‘While the 2020 Ford Escape is taking a leap towards the future of automotive, the parallel of the location where the reveal was done was genius. The new Escape features changes in upgraded technology, updated aerodynamic, and an updated body and technology. With the nod to the past where these ideas first took flight, the Escape came onto the scene with a presentation unlike any other we’ve seen in the past.’


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The Great Ford Escape