Exploring the future of tech at Interactive Minds, Sydney

7 August 2019

On August 21st, Executive Creative Director, Chris James, will take to the stage at the Interactive Minds ‘Digital Nexts: AI, AR, Automation & IoT’ event alongside speakers from Snapchat, Deloitte and DIUS.


Interactive Minds 

What’s next for the world of the consumer undoubtedly means a shift for marketers and brands alike as they adjust and optimise their efforts towards the new channels and tech adorned by their customers. The event will explore five up and coming tech-driven consumer shifts, and how you can prepare and indeed thrive with the rise of the machines. 

In his session, Chris will discuss ‘How technology is driving a new kind of experience’ - examining the global shift away from marketing towards physical experiences to show how technology is driving engagement across consumer and B2B brands.

For full details on the event, and a link to the tickets click here