Develop your talents with Imagination Graduates Academy

9 April 2019

At Imagination, we believe in our people. The greatness of Imagination comes from all those within it. We attract individuals with a diverse background and skill-sets drawn from every discipline to work with one common purpose.

Every year, we open our doors to welcome new graduates into our Imagination Graduates Academy programme. The Academy is a symbol of our commitment to education, creativity and commerce. It’s a global initiative, celebrating and developing talent across all disciplines. Cultivating an environment which brings together the best creative minds to explore cutting edge research and technological developments, whether through external events, internal talks, training or social activities.

We are now officially looking for new talent from all Universities across a variety of disciplines to join Imagination for the next 12 months. Throughout the year they are with us they will work within our teams on a range of live projects, and move around the business to gain maximum experience.

This year we have also developed two exciting new roles: Junior DevOps Engineer and Junior Technical Project Manager.  There are more roles available! 


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Develop your talents with Imagination Graduates Academy