Accelerating The Pace with Jaguar and Dua Lipa

3 October 2018

The Pace is an Innovative, brand-building programme, marking a shift in Jaguar’s PR and Marketing strategy towards a more integrated, experience-driven, multi-channel approach in Europe. Jaguar wanted to develop smart and innovative ways to drive positive brand familiarity in Europe.

This long-tail campaign kicked off with The Pace - Season One – a pioneering music and technology partnership with the British-Kosovan global superstar Dua Lipa. Rolled out in over 15 markets across Europe celebrating the brand’s popular SUV models - E-PACE, F-PACE and all-electric I-PACE. #thepace

Using custom-made software, managed by Imagination, Dua created an exclusive ‘PACE Remix’ of her latest track, ‘Want To’ and empowered fans all over the world to create personalised remixes using their own data – from the way they drive, the songs they listen to, or by tapping a rhythm on a mobile device. With over 218,000 visits to try it out for yourselves!

The launch night saw Dua Lipa launch her new track ‘Want To’ to a live audience of 1000 guests at a secret gig in Amsterdam. The elaborate set used bespoke dynamic content played out on a huge diamond shaped screen with lasers, immersive lighting display and a killer sound system, in a visual extravaganza depicting the different data sets from the car. Making this a unique, multi sensory and immersive experience.