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Christophe Castagnera joins the Experience by Design podcast to discuss virtual experiences

16 April 2021

Head of Connected Experiences, Christophe Castagnera, joins host Bryan Meszaros on the Experience by Design podcast to discuss how virtual experiences shouldn't be recreations of physical ones.

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This first appeared on Market Scale.

The evolution of experience design is here. It certainly wasn’t a static element for brands, but the pandemic certainly disrupted it like never before. Talking about this evolution, or possible revolution, Experience by Design host Bryan Meszaros welcomed Christophe Castagnera, Head of Connected Experiences at Imagination.

“The last year has challenged the way we create experiences. It was a lot of reimagining. There were opportunities to seize the moment, so I wrote a Playbook discussing technology, curated experiences, and building at-home experiences,” Castagnera explained.

In the last year, the industry had many lessons learned moments. “Investing in technology was a possibility, but not everyone had the funds. People were still touching their mobile phones, so that became an avenue,” he shared.

Trying to recreate an in-person experience online didn’t really work. Those companies that succeeded found new ways to do virtual rather than mimicking physical experiences. The test and try model was good for many brands. “Some were being bold, they learned things, and are being rewarded. Where others lost share of voice that were passive.”

Castagnera offered several examples of brands’ creative moments. “Rabbit Hole bourbon had staff become virtual hosts for consumers in their home, and they suddenly were having these conversations. Around 70% of people are up for a brand experience in their home.”

Castagnera also talked about VR opportunities discovered. “If you can build a proper brand world around it, it works. Otherwise, it’s just bad ‘reality.’ The ecosystem has to be rich.”

Christophe Castagnera, Head of Strategy, EMEA

Christophe Castagnera

Head of Strategy, EMEA

Christophe is a Strategist with 23 years experience for clients and agencies, specialising in experiences, communications and technology. Through working with leading global brands including Pernod Ricard, Rolls-Royce, Expo 2020 Dubai, Vodafone and Jaguar Land Rover he brings breadth and depth to his work. Christophe is also a member of the IPA Effectiveness Council, a judge for WARC and has been featured in publications including the Wall Street Journal and Campaign Magazine. As Head of Connected Experiences he is broadening our Strategic offer through business insights, research studies, creative strategy, analytics and customer experience design. Ensuring that Imagination continues to create world class moments that blend brand experience and customer experience.