People and Processes Manager

Role Overview:

Your job is to nurture our existing talent, and attract outstanding new colleagues to join them!

A new role, the People and Processes Manager will work closely with our Managing Director to implement existing processes, help our people learn the ropes, and recommend changes for the better. You’ll collaborate with the MD and Heads of Departments to allocate work, ensuring that any workload stresses on full-time staff are identified and mitigated. At peak times, this will involve contracting freelance staff from a pool that you’ve created (and pre-tested).

You’ll also work with our MD and Heads of Department to identify new roles and skills required, help them write job descriptions, and then manage the entire recruitment process.

Detailed responsibilities:

  • Understand current policies and processes back to front, including:
    • Skills and capabilities assessment
    • Workflow process
    • Logging time and expenses
    • Vacation/TOIL/other leave
    • Review and development processes
    • Utilization and recoverability of full time staff
    • Freelance approval process
    • Freelance forecast process
  • Take the lead on in-house training on policies and processes, and be able to explain them to all levels of employees
    • Institute a thorough onboarding process, to help new recruits find their feet quickly
    • Ensure all mandatory Imagination training is completed by all staff
    • Implement outcomes of the Detroit office’s 360 review and development plan process, and ensure all training approved by senior management is followed through on
    • Analyze any issues arising, and recommend changes to the Detroit management team
  • Create databases of potential full-time and freelance staff
  • Manage Detroit job openings on the Imagination website, from posting openings to monitoring, sifting and recommending respondents
  • Manage relationships with established recruitment partners, and identify new channels for promoting job openings
  • Manage Detroit job openings on our LinkedIn presence
  • Following through on shortlisted candidates and assisting Imagination managers during the recruitment process
  • Institute a workflow system within the Detroit office, enabling HoDs to track all projects in progress and help them determine individual workloads/requirement for additional resource. This may involve running regular meetings within the office, and/or using online tools
  • Embed resource management tool Hubplanner into the business.

Experience and skills required:

  • A love of working with people and a strong desire to help them achieve success. You understand their ambitions and the organizational constraints they work under, and give them confidence to see what’s possible
  • Experience of working in a very fast-changing environment, in which projects and deliverables change frequently
  • Must be able to communicate well and build relationships with individuals and internal departments, with appreciation of how to foster collaboration across multiple stakeholders
  • Empathetic but also able to offer direct, constructive feedback, helping individuals and departments to see others’ point of view and arrive quickly at mutually agreed next steps
  • A positive, can-do attitude along with the ability to work across a wide range of projects, often to tight deadlines
  • Absolute discretion and trustworthiness in dealing with all matters relating to personnel
  • Intelligent, ambitious and highly motivated team player with a commitment to quality and professionalism
  • Calm under pressure, extremely organized, pro-active with good interpersonal skills
  • Flexible, patient, able to prioritize, a good negotiator
  • Good PC and/or Mac skills



With roots going back to 1968, Imagination is an independent creative agency with 15 offices and award winning results worldwide. We are a dynamic organization, evolving in response to the changing needs of clients. Our name is our promise delivered by our people, who are drawn from every discipline to work in one common purpose. We are united by a belief in the creative power of the mind and the transformative value of experiences. We create more effective engagement that builds relationships between people and brands, products and services, delivering greater value for our client, and transforming business through creativity.

Ford Team

Our relationship with Ford was initiated over four decades ago. Today, Ford Motor Company is a pillar client for whom Imagination works globally. Our primary responsibility, as a long-standing partner agency, is delivering experiential communication across channels, supporting Ford’s dialog with diverse external and internal audiences.

Ford looks to Imagination for break-through experiential campaigns, including product launches, media presentations and live events. In addition to producing and managing such events, we amplify their results by generating content and collateral.


Our Values

Imagination has values that set us apart from other communications agencies.  These values and talents are the reason we stand out, they demonstrate what we stand for and are the things we most want to be known for.  

  • Inspiring
    We breathe life into ideas, creating exciting opportunities.
  • Insightful
    We demonstrate a deep understanding in all we do.
  • Committed
    We are totally dedicated to Imagination, our clients and our work.
  • Collaborative We work together, delivering positive results for Imagination and our clients.


“Like a cross between McKinsey and IDEO, Imagination is equal parts right and left brain. The experiential marketing agency that refuses to be defined as an experiential marketing agency continues to refine the realm of live with some of the deepest strategies, the most mind-minding designs and teams staffed with some of the most elite marketers on the planet. With 13 offices in nine countries, celebrating its 50th birthday with some of the most complex, integrated, connected brand experience programs in its history.”

Event Marketer magazine, 2018 IT List citation

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