Communications Strategy Director

Role Overview

Your job is to supercharge our creative responses!

The Communications Strategy Director in our Detroit office knows our clients’ businesses intimately, and uses research to create insights and devise strategies that:

  • Make our clients go “aha!”
  • Give our Creative colleagues an inspiring springboard to propose breakthrough experiential events and programs
  • Are a firm base from which to deliver outstanding business results.

This role is both inspirational and 100% practical. Your work will impact now and near-future business results (this isn’t an “ivory towers” role),

Imagination is a dynamic, agile and nimble creative agency that believes in the power of experience - what you bring to the table is strategic insight and your ability to collaborate and create. This is not a role for a pure planner of strategist, you must have a desire to come to work each day to do epic shit that no one else does by helping find that central truth for our creative work to build from.


Ford Team   

Our relationship with Ford was initiated over four decades ago. Today Ford Motor Company is a pillar client for whom Imagination works globally. Our primary responsibility, as a long-standing partner agency, is delivering experiential communication across channels, supporting Ford’s dialogue with diverse audiences, external and internal.

Ford looks to Imagination for breakthrough experiential campaigns, whether product launches, auto shows, exhibitions, media presentations or training programmes. In addition to producing and managing such events, we generate content and collateral. We also work in the UI/UX space on future product development.

Detailed responsibilities:

  • Understand client businesses (now and near-future), with a focus on their success criteria
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with relevant, specified clients in Research, Marketing and Media Communications, such that you are their trusted “voice of the consumer”
  • Understand and articulate the particular benefits of experiential marketing, and how experiential can work with/be amplified by other marketing channels
  • Liaison with other agencies
  • Focus on ROI and metrics
  • Working with the Client and Strategy Head and key creatives to shape and influence progressive and engaging ideas for our clients, you will understand and navigate the complex, shifting content landscape, thinking all the time about how to fully leverage the power of experience.
  • You will digest and distill information into simple, compelling ideas
  • You will develop conceptual ideas that succinctly address
    • The problem
    • Key audiences and insights
    • The simple story (expressed in a simple, powerful way)
    • The multichannel structure
    • ROI and performance metrics – owning all aspects of the reporting and strategic conclusions
  • Breadth and depth across a project will be needed to help define problems worth solving for internal and external audiences.
  • You will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of a new angle on a story, getting to the heart of the human truth above and beyond a new fact
  • You will help create big, conceptual ideas and nurture them across a variety of executional platforms
  • You will be part of the pitch process for new projects
  • You will co-create prototypes and proof-of-concept content
  • You will be an ambassador for Imagination’s role as experiential agency, transforming business through creativity.
  • With your help, the Ford team will tell single-minded and compelling narratives for audiences with ever-changing needs.
  • Manage internal resource and databases (we subscribe to Mintel) to:
    • Prioritize multiple requests from the business for assistance, and focus on those where you can have significant and immediate impact
    • Access databases and other information sources to identify pertinent facts
    • Synthesize facts, trends and other information to derive actionable insights
    • Present the above to multiple audiences, internal and client, with different levels of understanding, and gain acceptance of your recommendations
    • Work with the Creative teams within Imagination to ensure that our creative responses are clearly based on your recommendations
    • Work with the Creative and Account Management teams to devise appropriate targets for event/program results
    • Present our proposals alongside Creative and Account Management colleagues, and achieve client buy-in
    • Work with internal and external teams to monitor event/program results in real-time, suggest course-corrections as necessary, and formally report back at the conclusion of the event/program.


Experience and skills required:

  • Experience of developing strategically informed conceptual ideas
  • An excellent command of English, with a flair for engaging expression that inspires action.
  • A creative background is preferable, be it in visual communication, crafts or production – you will be working with, inspiring and uniting many creative specialists for a common goal.
  • A strong understanding of and curiosity for the shifting content landscape.
  • An ability to articulate and present ideas in a compelling way
  • A love of working with people and a strong desire to help them achieve success. You understand their ambitions and the organizational constraints they work under, and give them confidence to see what’s possible
  • Significant experience of complex strategic marketing projects across different channels. You have probably worked for international blue chip clients (B2B and B2C)
  • A very big picture thinker, able to create exciting concepts and a strong point of view, and then translate them immediately into highly actionable, executable insights
  • Experience of working in a very fast-changing environment, in which projects and deliverables change frequently. We can’t stress this enough – if you’re a “set and forget” individual, then this role is not for you
  • A fast and thorough researcher – you will probably regularly access information sources that are new to us
  • A love of business issues, and solving real-world problems. You know what the current big issues are, and what’s likely to change in the next five years
  • Outstanding communication skills
    • Individuals and teams want to listen to you (and not just because you’re right). You’ll build relationships with individuals and internal departments, and know how to foster collaboration across multiple stakeholders, at all levels of the organization
    • Empathetic but also able to offer direct, constructive feedback, helping individuals and departments to see others’ point of view and arrive quickly at mutually agreed next steps
  • A positive, can-do attitude along with the ability to work across a wide range of projects, often to tight deadlines
  • Intelligent, ambitious and highly motivated team player with a commitment to quality and professionalism
  • Calm under pressure, extremely organized, pro-active with good interpersonal skills
  • Flexible, patient, able to prioritize, a good negotiator



With roots going back to 1968, Imagination is an independent creative agency with 15 offices and award winning results worldwide. We are a dynamic organization, evolving in response to the changing needs of clients. Our name is our promise delivered by our people, who are drawn from every discipline to work in one common purpose. We are united by a belief in the creative power of the mind and the transformative value of experiences. We create more effective engagement that builds relationships between people and brands, products and services, delivering greater value for our client, and transforming business through creativity.

Ford Team

Our relationship with Ford was initiated over four decades ago. Today, Ford Motor Company is a pillar client for whom Imagination works globally. Our primary responsibility, as a long-standing partner agency, is delivering experiential communication across channels, supporting Ford and Lincoln’s dialog with diverse external and internal audiences.

Ford looks to Imagination for break-through experiential campaigns, including product launches, media presentations and live events. In addition to producing and managing such events, we amplify their results by generating content and collateral.


Our Values

Imagination has values that set us apart from other communications agencies.  These values and talents are the reason we stand out, they demonstrate what we stand for and are the things we most want to be known for.  

  • Inspiring
    We breathe life into ideas, creating exciting opportunities.
  • Insightful
    We demonstrate a deep understanding in all we do.
  • Committed
    We are totally dedicated to Imagination, our clients and our work.
  • Collaborative

We work together, delivering positive results for Imagination and our clients.


“Like a cross between McKinsey and IDEO, Imagination is equal parts right and left brain. The experiential marketing agency that refuses to be defined as an experiential marketing agency continues to refine the realm of live with some of the deepest strategies, the most mind-minding designs and teams staffed with some of the most elite marketers on the planet. With 13 offices in nine countries, celebrating its 50th birthday with some of the most complex, integrated, connected brand experience programs in its history.”

Event Marketer magazine, 2018 IT List citation

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