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Full Stack Developer

New York


Role Overview

You would work on connected experiences for the web and brand activations for live events. The role will require front end development using web technologies either for deployment on the web or on desktop. There will be integration work with backend APIs as well as development of APIs using Nodejs, AWS lambda, docker and a proprietary backend system. The role might also require work with and developing deployment systems and build pipelines.

The role demands:

  • Excitement for technology, constantly striving to be ahead of the curve
  • Solid communication skills
  • Highly organised, with exceptional attention to detail
  • Calm under pressure
  • Approachable
  • Multi-tasker, with effective time management skills
  • Solutions-focused; creative / lateral thinker.

Our Team

We are a small team, networked across Imagination offices around the world. We’re resourceful and customer-oriented, delivering products that power digital and in-person experiences for our clients.


 Detailed Responsibilities

  • Work with Jira to develop functionality for frontend, backend and dev ops systems
  • Work with design files to extract assets for responsive frontend applications
  • Create backend restful APIs to integrate with databases
  • Implement WebSocket controllers or pub/sub systems to push messages to and synchronize connected clients
  • Understanding build and deployment pipelines to create mechanisms to release and manage code in the cloud
  • Take briefs, and understand the desired end-customer functionality
  • Understand development and delivery timeline, and schedule your work appropriately
  • Receive feedback on work product and implement changes.


Experience and Skills Required

  • Strong programming skills with an understanding of:
    • algorithms
    • data structures
    • software design patterns
    • computational complexity
    • test driven development
  • Creating and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Responsive web app development
  • Comfortable working with CLI
  • Working with debuggers, consoles, network profilers and performance analysis tools
  • Working with wireframes and design files
  • Commercial Git experience
  • Computer Science graduates preferred



  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • NPM
  • Sass / SCSS / CSS
  • Electron


Backend / Dev-ops

  • Nodejs
  • Python
  • Docker
  • Ubuntu Server
  • AWS - EC2, S3, Route 53,
  • Electron
  • Terraform
  • Ansible

Additional beneficial skills & skills

  • Experience working with video files and conversion
  • Experience working with authentication flows
  • Experience working VSCode
  • Agency experience
  • HyperV / Zenserver / Virtual Box
  • Continuous deployment / Continuous Integration / Build Servers
  • Jenkins
  • Pipelines
  • Automated testing platforms, Browserstack, Selenium
  • Experience working in VR or AR
  • Integrating with 3rd party platforms

Personal Skills

We are looking for an intelligent, ambitious and highly motivated and pro-active team player with a commitment to quality and professionalism, who is able to demonstrate:

  • Excitement for technology, constantly striving to be ahead of the curve
  • Solid communication skills
  • Highly organized, with exceptional attention to detail
  • Calm under pressure
  • Approachable
  • Multi-tasker, with effective time management skills
  • Solutions-focused; creative / lateral thinker.

Residency Requirements

Candidates who are not US citizens or US permanent residents need to have authorization to work in the US in order to apply.



Imagination is an experience design company founded on the principle of Independent Creativity.

Independent of mind, spirit and action, we remain free to find the right answers to our clients’ strategic and creative challenges.

We build strategies, develop ideas and deliver at scale, creating experiences that change the status quo for some of the world’s most exciting brands - across our core offers of Consulting, Destinations, Content and Live.

To get to groundbreaking ideas, we start with unexpected combinations. Research shows that the greatest accelerator of creativity is the diversity of talent in the team, and we actively recruit for unique individuals who embody our core beliefs and demonstrate the behaviors that underpin Independent Creativity.


Our Core Beliefs

We have identified four foundational beliefs that underpin Independent Creativity. More powerful than generic corporate values, they motivate us to act, to foster the behaviors that lead to success:

  • We believe curiosity is the root of original insights and ideas... so we look at the world with fresh eyes, we experiment, invent and up-end conventions.
  • We believe rigor results in better choices... so we ask precise, provocative questions.
  • We believe bravery tames the unknown... so we demand ambition, confident that together we can meet ‘never been done before challenges’.
  • We believe respect builds stronger teams and continued success... so we recognize the uniqueness and unique potential in each individual, we are accountable to each other, we play as a team.

Imagination is an equal opportunity employer, committed to a culturally diverse workforce. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.



Imagination believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are more than just words, and more than a legal framework or a moral obligation - they are guiding principles that, when acted upon, make us stronger, more innovative and more creative as an organisation.

We commit to not only significantly increasing our efforts to effect change today, but also to ensure that our efforts will be sustained for the long-term. To support us on this journey we have appointed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board to help shape our plans to bring about positive change, to help us learn and keep us all moving forward together.

We believe the responsibility for a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace ultimately rests with all of us.

We believe that all employees should feel a sense of belonging at Imagination - regardless of their race, religion or belief, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability or background.

We believe racism has no place within our workplace or our work culture and we reject all forms of hatred, prejudice, intolerance and discrimination.

We believe that Black Lives Matter and it is our expectation that all employees become actively committed to making unbiased choices and are anti-racist in everything they do.

Our Imagination community must share and live these beliefs, as diversity makes us stronger.

Our priority is humanity and our efforts toward a more diverse, more equitable and more inclusive workplace are never done.

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